Welcome to Samantha tour and Travel

Samantha tour and car rental is established by the joint venture of Mr. Ricuchi Mario and Mrs. Hirut Gezahagne in 2005. The inception of Samantha tour and car rental began with the car maintenance company established in the name of Mr. Ricuchi Mario 15 years ago. It has now grown quite successfully having created jobs for over 35 people and becoming a trusted service giver. At the rental services setup by Mrs. Hirut Gezahagne  in 2002, the quality and efficiency of our vehicles for rent has improved a great deal since we began maintaining them in our own garage.

Now that we are expanding the scope of the company and that we have also included tour and travel services with eight very well experienced personnel, it is with great pleasure that we will serve you to your best interest while you are visiting Ethiopia and its endless wonders. Hence, we cordially invite you to come enjoy the abundance Ethiopia’s ancient history, the blessing of enjoying 13 months of sunshine, over 80 different languages fascinatingly unique cultures, the dazzling life style from organic vegetables to cheapest natural hot spearing in the heart of the capital Addis Ababa, which is home for the early human race; the remains of Lucy being the most incredible witness, and all the historical and cultural heritages.

We and our high caliber staff will be here to take care of all the arrangements of your hotel reservations, vehicle rentals, air tickets, and tour services you can possibly need with impeccable organization. No question goes unanswered during your stay here. We have the best experts around us who are packed with in-depth knowledge of what should be visited and where you find what is best. Of course, we are at your disposal 24-7 for any detail enquirers you might have regarding your trip to Ethiopia via phone or email. We have the sharpest communication team that can reply to any of your questions most swiftly and with utmost clarity.

We are  your service during your visit to Ethiopia so that your vacation ends sweet abundant joy, peace and sense of fulfillment that would make you want to come back sooner than you intended to. At Samantha, and your satisfaction defines professionalism.