This part of the world is called the Danakil Depression , one of the remotest, the lowest and unique land formation of the world in the great rift valley system, still this part of the earth is unstable and pulling each other to the opposite side.

Erta Ale

Erta Ale is an absolutely unique lava lake erupting 24 hours a day. It is a round crater because it is inside the rift valley system where the earth is unstable. This is a place for adventure trip or just to look but it is also the best place to study the volcano. Still the science is unclear about why and when volcanos erupt. Studies here can help to save lives of many people if we can better understand the way the volcano erupts.Ertaale2

Erta Ale means Smoking Mountain by Afar Language. At night when you walk to the volcanic hill Erta Alle 613 m high you will see light away from the sky. You will walk over unusual and amazing dry lava topography. To visit there is to feel like being in another world – in space.

The Afar People is one of the few African people with unspoiled culture and they will stay in your mind always.


DallolDalol is 100 km from North West of Erta Ale in the lowest part of Danakil Depression – 116 m below sea level. It is an extremely hot and inhospitable place but enjoyable and extraordinary colorful landscape; nearby Lake Asale famous salt mining lake, which is supply salt consumption of the eastern Tigray highland people transport by camels. Once the stone salt was used for money in Ethiopia. Still hundreds of camel caravans on the road everyday except Friday and in the hottest month from June -September transport salt to the western highland.
Dallol Depression it is the best and real place to experience desert life.