Nechi Sar National Park1

With an outstanding Savannah Grass land Nechisar National Park is situated on a strikingly beautiful setting between two of the Rift Valley spectacular lakes of Abaya and Chamo on two sides (this land is called the bridge of God) and high mountain ranges on the other two sides. It is the only national park in the world where the indigenous Swayne’s Hartebeest still survives. The park also supports mammals like Burchell’s Zebra, Grant’s gazelle, Greater Kudu, Klipspringer, Dikdik, Waterbuck and Warthog. The park is also home of birds like Nightjars; White tailed Bush Lark, Kori Bustard, Abyssinian Ground Hornbill, Crowned Crane and some water birds.

The lakes are one of the best features of the park. Boat trip on Lake Chamo is along the best anywhere in Ethiopia. One can spot many Hippos and the world’s most spectacular concentrations of Giant Crocodiles. That is why it is called as Crocodile Market. The water birds are great the scenery is truly unforgettable. Fishing for Nile Perch and many other species by locals on their traditional boat is by far the best in the country.